The Baker's Dozen: Tidbits and Treats from SweetMan's Baked Goods

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The Baker's Dozen: Tidbits and Treats from SweetMan's Baked Goods

Dear Gluten Free SweetFans

by Nicole Capalbo on 02/08/13

Dear Gluten Free SweetFans,


SBG has done considerable research in response to customer requests for Gluten Free products. We do our best to ensure our suppliers provide us with Gluten Free ingredients.  However, we are not a “Gluten Free Facility”, and as a bakery, flour in the air prevents a guarantee of a purely Gluten Free environment.

We do everything under our control to avoid cross-contamination and as a result of these efforts can offer you a limited Gluten Free Menu that most Gluten intolerant or people choosing to live gluten free can enjoy.


To that end we currently offer GF SANDWICH WHITE BREAD, GF CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES & GF BREAKFAST SCONES. We are working on other recipes including GF CAKES and a GF BREAKFAST MUFFIN. Please feel free to offer your own suggestions and once again The SweetMan thanks you for your friendship and support!

Emphasis On Fresh

by Nicole Capalbo on 09/21/12

I (Nicole) am only at SweetMan’s a couple times a week, I work a full time job and on my days off, I go do what I can to help the family and better the bakery.  Every time I am there, working in our “office” which really isn’t an office at all, but more like a desk behind a not so solid screen; it always amazes me how many people walk in the door “just to take a look”.  While I’m not sure how anyone possesses the willpower to walk into a bakery and “just look,” I love it, because it is a chance to tell “our story”. 


A story that my Dad (The SweetMan) tells well--It reminds me why we’re working so hard for this dream we have. 


People always seem surprised after my Dad tells them what goes on in our bakery everyday… He arrives at the bakery every morning between 4:30 and 5:30 depending on the day.  Usually the dough from the bread that is made FRESH, by hand, everyday… is done rising and forming and will need to be baked off.  The kitchen functions much like a factory and everyday is different in an attempt to make sure that the baked goods we sell you are always, always, made fresh by my Dad and brother.  He always tells the customers that his favorite compliment is when someone walks in and says "ohh, it smells good in here!"  That's why he does what he does everyday.


We operate with an emphasis on Fresh.  You can be sure that every product that leaves the kitchen is made with the all the best ingredients, including our special touch…passion and love.  Come on in and taste it for yourselves.

Pawleys Island Concierge—(aka) SweetMan’s Baked Goods to the Rescue!

by Nicole Capalbo on 07/25/12

So, last week we got an email pleading for help.  A gentleman was supposed to be vacationing in Pawleys Island with his family for the week, but was called into work and couldn’t go.  This made for life in the “Dog House” for him while his family enjoyed the beautiful beach and easy-going life here in Pawleys.

He wanted to ensure an enjoyable week, full of amazing surprises, for his family while they were here (he also wanted to see his way out of the Dog House by the time they got home.)  He figured chocolate, baked goods, and flowers would be a great way to start digging out. 


We teamed up with local business Greenskeeper Florist to ensure the 5 star treatment his family deserved.  We did it all! We made dinner reservations, coordinated delivery, worked in close contact with Gary, the florist, and of course, we baked up so many sweets and treats, they had enough for weeks!


They got a delivery of flowers and Bakery items almost everyday.  With treats ranging from a 6 layer Death by Chocolate Cake, to a lunch-meat tray with fresh baked rolls, to Gluten Free Bread.  Not to mention the scones, Danish, and cookies we included.  And, you know we threw in a couple Tomato Pies!  The days we didn’t deliver we helped make reservations at some local restaurants like: Habaneros and Pastaria 811.

 6 Layer Death by Chocolate Cake


So, next time you find your self in Pawleys Island, looking for some yummy treats at a local bakery, give us a call and we will make sure your trip is a great one…Dog House or not!






What is a Baker's Dozen, you ask?

by Nicole Capalbo on 07/20/12

So, what exactly is a “Baker’s Dozen?”  We’ve all heard the term and we all hope to be the on the receiving end when we’re buying sweet treats.  But, where does this phrase, and now the name of SweetMan’s Blog, originate?


I was naturally curious and decided if we were to name said blog the “Baker’s Dozen” then, we should at least know where the phrase came from.  So, I set out to educate myself (and now you).


The "Baker’s Dozen” is thought to date all the way back to ancient Egypt.  Societies throughout time have had extremely structured rules concerning bread, as it was such a substantial part of the average persons diet and since it was so easy to short patron and sell them less. The consequences of which ranged from amputation of the hand to having your ear nailed to the wall! OUCH!!!


During the reign of Henry II, although the phase would come much later, the practice of adding a 13th loaf of bread was a direct result of the Azzize of Bread and Ale, a statute implemented by the King to discourage Bakers and Bar Keeps from shorting their customers on Wheat based products. The statute stated specifically:


By the consent of the whole realm of England, the measure of the king was made; that is to say: that an English penny, called a sterling round, and without any clipping, shall weigh thirty-two wheat corns in the midst of the ear, and twenty-pence do make an ounce, and twelve ounces one pound, and eight pounds do make a gallon of wine, and eight gallons of wine do make a London bushel, which is the eighth part of a quarter.


Because the measuring capabilities were much more basic than they are today and the possibility of producing two loaves of bread with the exact same amount of wheat, was not likely, the bakers always threw in an extra to make sure they weren’t breaking the law (even by accident).


Hence, the Baker’s Dozen.

And now you know...



--Cheers, Nicole